The theoretical explanations of homosexuality and why homosexuals are not queer.

OK so let's face it. Gay is in. Our society is in a state of 'sexuality flux' like by no means ahead of and much more and much more gays are coming out of the closet, receiving married, producing funds, and living the massive life and possibly much more heterosexuals are realizing that they have a gay in them as effectively. Heterosexual marriages have been declining and possibly in a decade much more homosexuals will have family members life and heterosexuals will stay single. So, what is homosexuality?

1st of all, all of us are naturally bisexual, we are not naturally hetero or homosexual, only our maleness and femaleness are balanced in a way that we ultimately project ourselves either as male or as female according to social perception, upbringing and other such aspects. In some persons there could be equal maleness and femaleness as far as character, attitudes, likes, preferences and behavior are concerned and these folks are unable to define their sexuality and could be openly bisexuals. Some other people could really feel much more male traits of aggression, dominance, further version in them and if such an person is female, she is much more most likely to be gay/ lesbian and would be attracted and eye-catching to females. Ladies who have much more femaleness in them would be attracted to each males and male-like females. Ladies with stronger masculinity may well be attracted and eye-catching to ladies or to female-like males and in some instances to other gay males.

Homosexuality includes our underlying bisexuality at play when we naturally really feel much more attracted to the very same rather than the opposite sex. So a homosexual is essentially a bisexual who feels much more attracted to the very same sex than the opposite sex and the heterosexual is a bisexual who feels much more attracted to the opposite sex than to the very same sex. Just like each homosexual has a heterosexual inside him or her, the heterosexual also fancies persons of the very same sex, it is a all-natural tendency to like persons of the very same sex.

Our social perceptions are strongly ingrained in us, and these social perceptions protect against us from entertaining our homosexual tendencies. In most instances these social perceptions are created in childhood, inside schools, family members, society and societies or schools or households that encourage, market or endorse homosexuality are much more most likely to have much more homosexuals. Neither homosexuality, nor heterosexuality is our all-natural tendency, psychologically getting each male and female traits in us in the anima and animus, we are attracted to each males and females and are hence naturally bisexual. Carl Jung has recommended that anima is the unconscious female nature of a man and animus is the unconscious male in the female. We are then educated or moulded according to society and come to be either homosexual or heterosexual according to societal perceptions.

Let us take into account an instance. Suppose, Jane is a all-natural bisexual and then she is brought up in a society which endorses and glorifies or merely supports homosexuality. If Jane is aggressive, dominant and feels that she has a sturdy man in her, she will naturally really feel attracted to ladies or to soft feminine males. If on the other hand she sees herself as feminine with qualities of patience and compassion, she would really feel much more attracted to aggressive males or aggressive females if she is homosexual. If for some explanation she retains her bisexuality, there will be attraction to each feminine males and masculine ladies.

It is all-natural to ask if bisexuality is our all-natural tendency, why are homosexuals regarded queer? The plain answer is homosexuals are not queer or various, they have merely endorsed one particular finish of bisexuality rather than the other. The outcry and fascination for homosexuality is baseless as homosexuality existed and exists at all levels of society, in all sorts of societies and of course inside us. Even the strongest conservative priest could nurture considerable homosexual feelings which he merely by no means reveals due to the need to have to conform to social perceptions.

Narcissistic Explanation

The psychological explanation for expressed homosexuality could be narcissism and the need to have and tendency to enjoy ourselves. When we enjoy ourselves and come across a individual of the very same sex who appears a bit like us and likely talks or walks or thinks like us or is even remotely comparable to us in particular techniques, we would naturally really feel attracted to this individual. The attraction reaches a sexual dimension when we want to act on this liking and want to have sex with this individual of the very same sex. We enjoy ourselves and are hence naturally attracted to persons like us and that incorporates gender. We are initially naturally attracted to persons of the very same gender. In most instances even for heterosexuals, the accurate initially enjoy is ordinarily a close buddy and individual of the very same sex. Persons who are narcissistic are much more most likely to be homosexuals.

Sexual Fixation theory

People getting deep unconscious desires concerning the parent of the very same sex would also be much more most likely to be a homosexual. As a result a lady with attainable childhood fixation at an oral stage (this is a Freudian term when folks have a tendency to use the mouth as a pleasure zone) would have fixated enjoy for the mother's breasts and physique and would create a all-natural enjoy for ladies who appear like the mother and may well come to be homosexual. On the other hand a man who has grown up with a serious attachment towards the father and has been quite physically close to the father in his childhood, could also show homosexual tendencies. Narcissism and fixated enjoy for a parent are some of the theories that clarify homosexuality.

Social Comfort as a Trigger

Homosexuality is also triggered by the social atmosphere and if experiences with ladies are much more pleasurable than with males, a lady is much more most likely to embrace homosexuality.

In some instances society could indirectly trigger homosexuality. Take into consideration a conservative society exactly where sex is nevertheless taboo and a mature man and a lady observed with each other could be regarded as 'dating'. When folks want to steer clear of such social categorizations, they could commence avoiding associating with persons of the opposite sex and really feel much more comfy with persons of the very same sex. In reality we all really feel comfy with persons of the very same sex when we want to share our fears, difficulties and happiness and numerous folks choose very same sex good friends who they can hang out with or share comparable interests with. This could in particular instances lead to sexual experimentation and significant homosexual relationships major to marriage or civil partnership.

Moral Dilemma as the basis of Homosexuality

Homosexuality is hence not queer and in reality it in a society exactly where sex is observed as poor and could have religious implications of a 'sin', homosexuality comes with the added benefit of getting sex without having the guilt linked in the notion of sin. When some folks perceive the vices of heterosexual sex such as prostitution, sexual assault, and so on. they could naturally really feel it safer to move towards homosexuality that could have fewer vices. Homosexuality is much more typical in the west as sex is observed as a sin and a degrading act and sex is ordinarily represented as an act in between a man and a lady so homosexuals attempt to steer clear of this image of sex and attempt to obtain a new way of searching at sex that is pure, socially acceptable and not 'sin'.

The homosexual could have perceived the sexual act as a morally low act till modified to a much more acceptable type (as via homosexual sex) and the heterosexual has perceived sex as a possibly degraded act but nonetheless needed. If religions showed sex as an exalted sacred act in between a man and a lady, social perceptions derived from religions would have been various but most religions have systematically degraded the sexual act (for the reason that religions have been developed by males not God).

Experiential Generalization

If social perceptions are accountable for producing us heterosexual, social perceptions are also accountable for producing us homosexual. Homosexuals could have perceived the opposite sex according to particular stereotypical considerations due to social experiences. For instance a lady may well perceive all males as sexual predators if she had damaging experiences with males and a man may well perceive all ladies as players or untrustworthy if he had damaging sexual and romantic experiences with the opposite sex. These damaging experiences when generalized could lead to a preference for homosexuality.

The Narcissistic theory, sexual fixation, social comfort, moral dilemma and experiential generalization are all various explanations that have to be created additional to give a extensive evaluation for the psychology of homosexuality.