I lately heard somebody say that after we invest in into a belief or philosophy our objectivity is severely diminished. We no longer attempt to discern no matter whether anything we study or hear is accurate and appropriate and basically accept any info that supports our belief. This can be observed in politics.

However, it appears to be frequent practice for politicians about the nation and members of congress to place themselves initially, play celebration politics, accept cash from lobbyists and huge donors in return for their votes when they show tiny concern for points that are fantastic for our nation and the taxpayers. When these politicians are place on the spot, attempt to answer the challenging queries or get caught carrying out anything undesirable or illegal, they seldom personal up. For far also quite a few politicians, lying appears to be second nature.

Core followers of quite a few politicians are speedy to accept the political leader's statements as truth and go along even when the statement is clearly not accurate. These days, it appears that some voters are additional than prepared to overlook the lies and questionable behavior of political leaders when they agree with the politician's stated targets.

Predictably, these who come across fault with the misdeeds of these politicians are promptly branded as enemies and attempts are produced to discredit them. Of course, political enemies are usually held to distinct and typically greater requirements of behavior by the offending politician and his/her supporters. By overlooking the lies, undesirable behavior, illegal actions and the harm produced by such leaders, followers are saying that the laws, ethical behavior and poor overall performance do not matter as extended as they get what they want.

Given that a truth is a truth and a lie is a lie, we will come across every goal at opposite ends of the spectrum.

The goal of a lie is to:

– Deceive and mislead

– Cover anything up

– Make the truth challenging to come across

– Justify incorrect statements or actions

– Serve as propaganda

– Help or perpetuate a incorrect

– Hide a misdeed, error or illegal action

– Make somebody else appear undesirable or appear guilty

– Adjust an opinion

– Hide the details

– Deny anything that was mentioned or completed

– Adjust the concentrate to a significantly less controversial subject

The goal of a truth is to:

– Reveal and confirm the details and particulars

– Be open and truthful

– Uncover the precise words, actions, motives and character of these involved

– Allow us to confirm and come to be certainly certain of what was mentioned and what occurred

Politicians who are immersed in a net of lies and misdeeds:

– Engage in a cover-up of their misdeeds

– Inform added lies to obscure the initially one particular

– Are unable to help their statements with specifics and particulars

– Make up info and scenarios that turn out not to be accurate

– Distract consideration with unsubstantiated and untrue claims

– Continually perform to plant and cultivate seeds of doubt

– Try to delegitimize details that could problems supporters

– Exaggerate claims and blow minor points way out of proportion

– Lash out at these who do not invest in into their lies

– Use individual attacks to disparage dissenters

– Engage in name calling

– Count on buddies to help the lie by speaking and acting out

– Use 'alternative' details and irrational logic

– Quote unreliable sources and endorse incorrect info

– Make false and misleading statements a element of every day life

– Repeat lies more than and more than in the hopes that supporters think them

– Stir up their base supporters anytime they get into problems

– Employ potent attorneys to decrease the harm

– Try to disparage and harm governmental institutions

– Demonstrate contempt for the rule of law

– Strive to discredit reporters who seek the details and truth

– Claim they are becoming unjustly treated by the media

– Operate challenging to cloud the truth and the details

– Point the blame at other individuals

– Brand any and all damaging info as 'fake'

– Initiate disinformation campaigns

– Locate that they ought to stroll back and adjust earlier statements

– Use half-truths to help their case

– Disagree with verified details

– Bully and intimidate crucial persons into remaining quiet

– Turn out to be delusional to the point they can no longer see the truth

– Begin to think that there is a conspiracy to get them

– Delude themselves into pondering they are carrying out anything fantastic

– Claim 'no obstruction' when hampering efforts to come across the truth

– Take quite a few actions to interfere with and undermine the investigation

– Attempt to discredit the investigators

– Get caught up in contradictions

– Double down on their alarming pattern of behavior and falsehoods

– Excuse their personal behavior when condemning the behavior of other individuals

– Take actions properly outdoors of classic and accepted norms

– Throw buddies below the bus, when points start off to fall apart

Politicians have a tendency to use these techniques when they are worried that the consequences of their previous statements, actions and behaviors might place them in legal jeopardy and/or might effect their monetary and political futures. They also adopt these techniques when they are concerned that their help base might be badly eroding.

When politicians employ behaviors like these, they are displaying us and telling us that we really should not think them, really should not trust them and undoubtedly really should not help them. Any political position constructed on lies and misdeeds ought to be recognized and taken as a individual insult and betrayal that can't be tolerated.

It really should be clear to everybody that politicians who inform us the truth and have not committed any really serious misdeeds will have no purpose to engage in these deceitful activities. That essential point can't be ignored or explained away by these who use and rely on these techniques. The truth and the details are significant and ought to be held dear.

“Individuals can decide on in between the sweet lie or the bitter truth.

I say the bitter truth,

but quite a few persons do not want to hear it.”

— Avigdor Lieberman

“Lying is a cooperative act.

Assume about it.

A lie has no energy whatsoever by its mere utterance.

Its energy emerges when somebody else agrees to think the lie.”

— Pamela Meyer

Given that the cornerstones of trust are each truth and ethical behavior, political leaders who do not speak the truth, mislead us and fail to behave appropriately have no spot in government. We all really should be capable to agree that our trust and help really should only be provided to politicians who inform us the truth, behave in an ethical manner and act with our very best interests in thoughts.

Liars and unethical persons who hold political workplace really should be held accountable for their lack of respect for us and for the workplace they hold. Hence, we ought to be certain that our voices are heard. We do that by producing telephone calls and by sending e-mail messages and letters of complaint to the offices of unscrupulous politicians. Most importantly, our votes really should only go to truthful, trustworthy and ethical candidates.

Holding political leaders accountable is the obligation of every single voter. Higher college students, college students and all new voters will also be anticipated to take on the exact same duty for in search of the truth and holding our politicians to the highest requirements. That duty really should under no circumstances be sacrificed even when the politician promises and delivers some of the points we want. We will spend a terrible price tag if our personal requirements sink to that level.