In 1929, the International Association of Chiefs of Police began a plan referred to as the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) System. This plan was developed to meet the want for dependable, uniform crime statistics in the nation. A year later, the FBI was accountable for collecting and publishing these statistics. Now, crime statistics are developed from information received by nearly 17,000 law enforcement agencies in the nation. This information is then published by means of a number of annual statistical publications. This information is also utilised for specific research and reports on an annual basis.

Law enforcement agencies reported preliminary statistics for 2006, which resulted in an enhance of three.7 % in violent crimes in the 1st six months of 2006 compared to the 1st six months in 2005. Violent crimes include things like murder, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

House crimes, which include things like burglary, larceny, and motor car theft, basically fell two.six % in the 1st half of 2006 when compared to the very same period in 2005.

Arson, which is also a home crime but not integrated with the home crime information, improved six.eight % in the 1st six months of 2006 when compared to the 1st six months of 2005.

Crime in the U.S. is overwhelming. We have to assist our law enforcement agencies, as properly as ourselves and concentrate on the PREVENTION of crime.

There are a couple of approaches you can assist avoid the unthinkable. Couple these collectively for maximum security. The 1st way is to study, recite and recall the do's and don'ts when in public. A couple of recommendations are listed beneath. The second way is to deter an assailant if a crime is about to come about. Deterring an assailant can be tough if you are not ready. Preparedness signifies individual protection. Private protection can be bought in distinctive approaches. The most common individual protection item is Mace or pepper spray, which comes in many sizes. Stun devices are also common. Stun devices include things like stun guns and stun batons and come in many voltages and sizes. And there are quite a few sorts of individual alarms which includes Electronic Pocket Whistles, 130 decibal alarms and mixture flashlight alarms.

Right here are a couple of suggestions to recall:


Sexual Assault

1. Use initials rather of 1st names on mailboxes and telephone listings. two. Stay away from remaining alone in an apartment laundry space or parking garage. three. By no means admit on the phone or at the door that you are alone. four. It is risky to accept a ride property from somebody you have just met. five. If you choose to physically resist assault, recall that your aim is to incapacitate the attacker extended sufficient to run to security and get assist. six. If you have been a victim of sexual assault, get in touch with police straight away. Do not bathe or modify garments or you may possibly destroy proof.


1. Stay away from carrying important products or huge amounts of cash. two. Normally consider ahead. For instance, when traveling at evening, have your keys prepared to enter the residence or to start off the auto. three. If you are confronted by a robber, the finest suggestions is to cooperate. four. If you resist, there is a higher opportunity that you may possibly be hurt.

Bank Machines

1. When applying an automatic bank teller, usually be watchful of any suspicious individuals about you.

2. The possibilities of getting robbed at evening are significantly higher, specially if you are alone.

3. If you uncover somebody waiting and watching outdoors in the region of an ATM machine, do not use it. Leave the region and report the incident to the police straight away. You could save somebody else from getting a victim of crime.

Street Security (Use Prevalent Sense)

1. Remain in properly-lighted, busy locations. Stay away from walking alone and steer clear of identified problems spots.

2. When you carry a purse, hold it close to your physique rather than by the handles. Do not wrap purse straps about your wrist, due to the fact you can get hurt in a struggle.

3. Carry only what you want in a purse or wallet, not every thing you have.

4. Stay away from applying shortcuts by means of dark alleys, fields, or vacant lots.

5. If you consider you are getting followed, cross the street and modify directions a couple of occasions. Go speedily to a properly-lit region with lots of individuals. Do not go property. You do not want an attacker to know exactly where you reside.

Normally recall, if you consider a crime is about to be committed or you are in an uncomfortable or risky circumstance, dial 911